When They Passed A Nearby Car, They Couldn’t Believe What They Found Inside

The Earth is changing and rising temperatures are responsible for more and more car-related deaths each year.

Two men at a local Michigan shopping center were quick to recognize an all-too familiar sight in a nearby parked car. Trapped inside the blue sports car were two small dogs. They were left helpless in the nearly 100 degree heat without so much a cracked window or a drink of water.

After a failed attempt at shattering the window, one of the men tried again using a golf club. With mall security watching, the man was finally able to free the pups, who are finally treated with a breath of fresh air and something to drink.

Call it whatever you’d like, forgetfulness or carelessness, but there is absolutely no excuse for leaving a small pet inside a hot car during the summer months.


Luckily for these dogs, they won’t soon suffer a similar fate, as their own was later arrested and prosecuted for animal cruelty. The pooches were quickly put up for adoption and are now off to a good home.



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