This Democratic Governor Is Clashing With LGBT Activists Over Repealing A Bathroom Law

Jonathan Drake / Reuters

While Cooper’s plan would repeal the law, known as HB2, it would also add penalties for crimes committed in restrooms — an effort to quell claims about transgender predators — and create delays for cities trying to pass new LGBT ordinances.

“It’s unnecessary at best and damaging at worst.”

The state has endured boycotts over HB2, including from professional sports franchises such as the NCAA, which threatened last week to withdraw all championship games through 2022 unless HB2 is scotched.

Peters at the Human Rights Campaign said the group recently stressed to Cooper’s office “what we’ve said all along — the people of North Carolina deserve a full and clean repeal of HB2. While we’re sympathetic to the reality that the North Carolina General Assembly continues to fail to act, we’ve made clear our concern that continuing to move the goalposts is risky and unhelpful.”



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