Police Went To This Home To Execute A Search Warrant But Found Something So Awful

Part of what makes being a police officer such a dangerous job is never knowing exactly what they’ll be walking into when they arrive at a crime scene.

The Detroit Police Department recently approached a run-down house with a search warrant, knowing they had evidence that there were drugs on the premises. What they found was something they never could have imagined. Lt. Johnathan Parnell even said the scene was the worst case of child neglect he’d seen in his 28 years on the police force.

Officers found seven children living inside this dilapidated home. They ranged in age from nine months to nine years old.

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They were living in absolute filth, with rooms full of feces and a deceased dog rotting inside. There was no working toilet, no heat, and no window panes to keep the winter weather out.

Police also found two guns inside the home to which the children had full access.

Neighbors were surprised to know that so many children were living inside. For the most part, they hadn’t noticed anyone there.

“I seen a little boy,” one neighbor told FOX. “I don’t know how old he was — maybe about five or six — in the window. He had no shirt on and I just know it was cold that day. I just said, wow — but I didn’t know. I haven’t seen nobody in a while,” she said.

The father of the children has been arrested, and the seven kids are now under the care of Child Protective Services.

To learn more about this heartbreaking story, take a look at the video below.


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I can’t believe no one knew these kids were in such an unsafe situation. I’m so glad they’ve been found and are getting the help they need. SHARE this if you believe all kids deserve to be safe and cared for.



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