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One of the most common fears out there is arachnophobia.

People tend to not like spiders, especially in their living space. I’m usually a fan of capture and release when possible, but when I saw what one couple had to go through in Australia, I couldn’t help but think they should just burn the whole house down.

Lauren Ansell and her partner were cooking a meal outside. When they turned to go back in the house, they saw something almost unbelievable on their door.

This is a huntsman spider and it is beyond enormous. First, they gently shooed it away, which made it angry.

But all in all, Ansell seemed relatively unbothered by the experience and says she nicknamed it Aragog after the giant spider in “Harry Potter.”

Fortunately, the couple hasn’t seen the giant beast again, but they believe Aragog is living in their garden. Yikes. Maybe burn down the garden, too.


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One thing we can all agree on is that we’re thankful for the service men and women who risk everything for us.

With wars in Afghanistan and Iraq still happening, the military with boots on the ground go through a lot, and that sometimes leads to injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. While a lot more is known about traumatic brain injuries and PTSD now, recent findings are revealing that the military may need to look into the way people diagnosed with these illnesses are treated. Unfortunately, many of them are being discharged for misconduct, even when that misconduct may stem from their illness.

Research found that more than half the people discharged for misconduct had been diagnosed with a brain injury or PTSD within two years of the discharge.

These injuries can affect a person’s behavior, which means that the action that led to their discharge may come from their illness or injury.

Being discharged for misconduct is different from an honorable discharge in that the individual is disqualified from receiving health benefits from Veterans Affairs. This means their condition may worsen.

The internal study found that diagnoses weren’t even considered in relation to the action that led to discharge, and the recommendation for the future was to take into consideration multiple factors before assigning a misconduct charge.

Of course, some charges are warranted no matter what, but considering the whole person rather than just the action seems like a way forward for a system dealing with the people who put their lives on the line in a fairer way.

(via CNN)

The Pentagon accepted some of the recommendations but questioned the methodology of the study. Regardless, here’s hoping that our troops get the kind of medical help necessary no matter what.

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Deer are my absolute favorite animals.

I grew up in an area where there were tons of whitetail deer around, and I could even feed them from my hand. That’s why anytime I see someone caring for them, my heart is completely warmed.

When a couple found a one to two-week-old fawn shivering on the side of the road, they rescued it and brought it to someone they thought could help. Now, after caring for the orphan and nursing her back to life, she has a chance to live in the wild.

The fawn is a roe deer, and her rescuers have been hand-rearing her and letting her hang out in their living room. They feed her lamb’s milk.

Even though she’s very comfortable in the house, she actually spends most of her time outside. Eventually, she’ll wander far enough away that she won’t come back inside.

Check out the full story of this adorable rescue and see her prancing around inside the living room in this incredible video.

I’m so glad someone could step in and help her and that she’ll be able to live a normal deer life soon enough!

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Working retail comes with all kinds of dangers, but usually they’re pretty tame.

Nothing hurts quite the same way as a rude customer’s comments and a bad day can regularly include an unidentified hunk of food stuck to your work clothes. When you’re working in public, especially if you’re the only one in the store, the possibility that you might be robbed is also a terrifying possibility. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s easy to freeze up or not know what to do.

At a Starbucks in Fresno, California, a young female barista was confronted by a robber. What he didn’t know is that there was someone in the store who was not going to let him get away with it.

A man now identified as Ryan Flores walked in wearing a Transformers mask, wielding a knife and a toy gun to rob the Starbucks location.

Customer Craig Jerri snuck up from behind and bashed Flores in the head with a chair before tackling him to the ground. He managed to wrestle the knife away.

“There’s probably not very many people in America who would do what Cregg Jerri did last night,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said. “It was incredibly heroic and the way most people would think that they would respond but may not have the courage to respond.”

Watch the incredible footage of his heroic actions below.


While no one died in this incident, police do not recommend people put themselves at risk during a robbery. That said, they (and I) praise Jerri’s bravery. That’s the kind of guy I want around in a pinch!

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Wedding days are one of the most special moments of a couple’s relationship.

That’s why so many people freak out and try to make the day absolutely perfect. It makes sense to want such a momentous occasion to be great. One couple proved they were truly soulmates when they revealed to each other that they don’t really like cake and didn’t want to have it at their wedding. So in order to make the occasion special, they decided to do something so cool instead.

Clayton Lee and Karen Chan contacted a custom pinata company. The couple gave them a picture of the cake they would have chosen and had them create a pinata of the three-tiered sweet.

They filled the pinata with tiny bottles of booze, candy, and chips. Obviously, everyone was thrilled.

That said, the pinata was a little too strong. Lee had to give it a bear hug to spill all the goodies.

Take a look at this fun-loving couple and their unique take on wedding cakes.

They couldn’t leave their guests without dessert entirely, though. They served churros with dulce de leche. Clearly, these two have just won weddings forever.

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When I think about coyotes, I envision some pretty dangerous creatures.

They’re not usually lurking in the dark waiting to attack humans, but they are predators and should be treated with respect and given a wide berth. Usually they ignore humans completely, which is why Ryan Taplin and his golf buddies were completely shocked when a coyote walked right up to them while they were near the tenth hole of a golf course in Arizona. As it turned out, the coyote needed something from them.

It was thirsty and seemed to be begging for water, so the men filled up a plastic cup and handed it over. The coyote seemed so grateful.


Youtube / Inside Edition

After their encounter, the animal headed off on its merry way. What a nice ending to something that must have been shocking and scary for the golfers!

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Pandas are basically the face of endangered species, so zoos typically to a great job to help conserve and protect them.

Breeding centers in China are one of the last defenses against extinction for the Giant Panda, the adorable creatures we know and love. That’s why it’s so shocking to think of someone abusing them. The social media site Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, was recently rocked by allegations of abuse against panda cubs when one user posted surveillance footage.

The video shows agitated baby pandas being shoved and thrown around their enclosure by keepers who seem cruel and unaffected.

Some say that pandas, even cubs, can act quite fiercely. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda says the cubs were overexcited, biting and clawing at the workers.

Still, the breeding facility apologized, saying they recognized that the worker had acted “too forcefully.”

Watch the video and decide for yourself. Did these keepers act appropriately or is this animal abuse?

This video makes me so sad! I hope these keepers are fired or retrained to better deal with unruly cubs. These precious babies deserve to be treated with respect.


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Weird animals have long been staples at sideshows.

People used to pay to see two-headed sheep and other oddities that resulted from mutations. Farmers who breed animals for a living can see all kinds of deformations and strangeness over the course of a lifetime, but most of us never experience it, so it’s sort of shocking and creepy. Whether or not you think it’s cool is totally up to you.

In recent months, there have been several different reports of mutated pigs in China, which makes us wonder what’s going on over there.

This piglet, who otherwise appears healthy and happy, has two back ends, an extra set of legs, and a second tail.

There have also been reports of a monkey-faced pig, a pig that looks human, and this animal, who has a strange growth on his face. Some say these mutations are the result of too much pollution, while others say it’s all a coincidence.

Ugh. These little guys totally freak me out! I hope they live happy and healthy lives…far away from me.


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My #1 bucket list item is to go whale watching.

I love the ocean, and I think whales are some of the most majestic creatures in the world. I think it would be so incredible to see them living freely in their natural habitat. For now, though, I can enjoy the amazing videos whale watchers take while they’re out on the water.

Craig Capehart recently caught some amazing footage of humpback whales out doing their thing in the ocean, and it’s pretty incredible. Humpback whales are some of the largest, with the ones he captured on camera weighing in at around 40 tons. But being that enormous didn’t stop one from doing something amazing.

While breaching, it leaped out of the water, clearing it entirely. This apparently has never been caught on video before.

Check out all of his amazing footage in the video below. It’s a must-see!


OMG! I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to be there. What animal sightings are on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments!


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America’s bravest are usually out fighting fires, but when this crew recently had some down time, they decided to invent something truly astounding: fire hose rodeo.

While they were hanging out one day, they decided to take their truck into a muddy field. They rigged the hose in such a way that the nozzle pointed straight at the ground. That’s when one firefighter decided to take the brave first steps to creating what’s about to be everyone’s favorite sport! Okay, maybe not…

Before turning the water on, the guinea pig climbed onto the hose in full gear.

That’s when the rest of them turned things up a notch.

What ensued can only be described as a muddy mess!


Something tells me they’d better stick to what they know best. But then again who am I to say? Fire hose rodeo might just be the next big thing in sports.


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