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At the Paymaster Lounge in Portland, Oregon, one man recently found the least mainstream vending machine of all time. (Portland is, after all, a hipster haven.)

Instead of finding sodas, candy bars, and chips, he feasted his eyes on items that could easily make up an early adopter’s starter pack.

The hipster-friendly machine was filled to the brim with everything from art-inspired playing cards to pregnancy tests.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a VHS copy of “Mallrats”?

And no hipster collection is complete without a copy of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.”

You can never have too many fake mustaches!

What’s the most indifferent spirit animal?

If you’re an early adopter with an undying urge to create the most ironic collection of all time, you should probably venture to Portland (if you’re not there already).

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A family was out walking one day when they came across a momma duck with just one baby.

Thinking it odd to see a solo duckling, they began looking for more babies…but they were nowhere to be found! That is until they heard desperate cries for help coming from a nearby drain pipe.

Down in the depths staring back up at them were multiple ducklings trapped and clinging to life. They knew they had to help, but there was just one problem…no one had skinny enough arms to reach the little guys.

That was when they got some help, calling a friend’s daughter to the scene to save the day.


(via LittleThings)

Thanks to six-year-old Mia, all but one of the ducklings were saved. They’ll get the chance to live full and happy lives. What a wonderful little hero!

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When mom and crafter Tara of Tara Michelle Interiors was in the market for a new bookshelf, she opted to go the DIY route.

Not only was she working with a smaller space, she also didn’t want to spend a ton, and was after something more unique than boring, big-box options.

What she did next with a bunch of cheap wooden crates might inspire you to follow in her crafty footsteps. The beautiful results of just a few hours of work look positively professional!

First, you’ll need some crates. If you’re lucky, you can find these outside of grocery stores, in junkyards, or if you’re not into hunting, at your local hardware store or Home Depot.

Tara recommends these additional tools and materials…

  • 8 unfinished wood crates
  • a sander or just a few grades of sandpaper
  • 6-8 sponge brushes (she found they broke after one or two crates)
  • rags
  • a plastic tablecloth
  • Minwax stain — 946ml can (choose whichever color you’d like)
  • Minwax paste (optional)
  • drill or screwdriver
  • 1″ screws
  • l-bracket to connect the case to the wall

The crafter recommends testing out a few layout variations. The fit wasn’t right here, so she adjusted accordingly.

Then, using a sander or sandpaper, smooth all the surfaces of the crates. Dust everything off and then stain the crates. You should wipe them down shortly after.

After she allowed everything to dry for at least eight hours, she covered the crates with wax and wiped it off after ten minutes. While Tara says this isn’t necessary, it does help protect the wood from wear.

Here’s the rustic result she achieved.

Finally, starting with the bottom two crates, begin screwing them together one by one.

Making sure everything is aligned will be a little tedious process, but recognize that it doesn’t have to look perfect. That’s half the appeal of this vintage look!

When all was said and done, this was the beautiful result.

If that layout doesn’t strike your fancy, though, you can always opt for this version.

This is also a beautiful option.

Check out more inspired design ideas on Tara’s blog. You can also follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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Two years ago, Debbie Petranck lost her best friend. Her pug-nosed terrier Zeus wandered away from home and was nowhere to be found.

She searched high and low for her little pup, going so far as to put an ad in the newspaper every week. But her efforts were sadly met with no results.

Petranck thought she’d never see Zeus again.

But then the incredible happened.

The dog owner got a call from a shelter more than 1,000 miles away. Apparently, two years ago, Zeus was picked up by a man who saw the cutie wandering around a fast food restaurant near his home in Ocala, Florida. He took him in and shortly after, moved to Detroit. Well, history repeated itself — Zeus wandered away from his new dad and ended up at the Dearborn Animal Shelter. That’s when they checked him for a microchip…

Luckily for Petranck, the microchip linked Zeus to her, and shortly after, she got the call that her dog was found across the country. She drove all night, and this was the scene when they were reunited.

(via Fox 2)

This just shows the importance and effectiveness behind microchipping your dog. Without that little chip, Petranck and Zeus would have never been reunited. We hope they see plenty more happy years together — time to make up for lost time!

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Firefighters are used to rescuing scared cats from tall trees, but what about dogs?

When the Plattsmouth Fire Department in Nebraska got a call one night about a 120-pound dog stuck 20 feet up in a tree, they thought for sure it was a prank. They were a little bit shocked when they turned up at the scene to find Kora, a Great Dane, sitting high up in a tree, looking down at them with her big, bright eyes.

After a bit of brainstorming, the team of firefighters were finally able to lower Kora from the tree using a rope, a ladder, and a police dog harness. Several feet from the ground, Kora’s weight snapped her restraints, but a few brave volunteers were there to catch her with a big tarp.


Although she was a little cold after all that time in the tree, Kora wasn’t hurt and was happy to be down, running straight for the house once she was on solid ground.

Hopefully, she’ll leave tree climbing to cats from now on.

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Even if you’ve never tried LSD, peyote, salvia, or ecstasy, it’s a well-known fact that they can cause fascinating and mind-bending hallucinations.

While the drugs carry a host of risks when taken, some find the draw of seeing and hearing things that aren’t actually there a bigger pull. But as it turns out, you don’t have to get drugged up to experience these interesting side effects.

Because our brains are so complex, there are ways to — in essence — hack them into sending mixed signals that ultimately seem like hallucinations. If you’ve ever been curious about what it might be like to hallucinate, here’s how you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

As the guys from Scam School explain, the ganzfeld effect is your brain finding patterns out of unstructured stimuli.

Since your brain wants to find patterns in things, if you present it with something that doesn’t have a pattern (like a white sheet of paper and white noise), it convinces itself — and you — that it’s seeing and hearing things.

Brian and Jason explain that trapped coal miners staring into darkness start to see things, same with those traveling through white-out conditions in the snowy poles.

To achieve the drug-like effects, make a blindfold out of white paper, ensuring that you’re not able to see out of any corners. (You can use cotton pads to cover any spots.)

Put headphones on with white noise and lie perfectly still. You should start to see and hear things relatively quickly.

For a more in-depth explanation of what’s happening in your brain, watch more on The Ganzfeld Effect here.


I don’t know about you, but I’m trying this ASAP. It seems so cool!


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To many, April 10, 1946, is just a day in history. To Elena Griffing, it was the first day of the rest of her life.

At just 20 years old, the bright-eyed woman started her first job at Sutter Health Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. Of course, 70 years ago it went by a different title, Alta Bates Community Hospital .

Since that first day, Griffing has held multiple positions, but there’s been one particular constant in all her years — her absolute devotion to her work. And it shows. She’s only taken four sick days — one was after she got her appendix out at the hospital. She got up and went to work the floor the following day, but the doctor sent her home.

Now she’s 90, in a new role, but insistent that she’s going to work “forever.”

Hear Griffing’s story and just try not to fall in love with this passionate woman.


Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I think Griffing made the right choice.

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It’s often said that older generations don’t care to familiarize themselves with the changing times and technologies.

And that’s totally understandable. They grew up during a slower time…when photos had to be developed at a store, videos were in 2-D, and everyone’s face belonged only to the person it was attached to.

But no matter how long they ignore it, times, they are a-changing. Photos are instantly available, videos are three-dimensional, and your face is no longer your own!

When this grandmother was finally introduced to Face Swap, she had the exact reaction you might expect…horror mixed with childish excitement.

I mean, this is pretty scary, Nan.

Okay, back to being cute.

You may want to turn your sound down slightly for all the hilarious shrieks.


Oh, Nan. I wish my grandmother was as eager to try out new things. Until then, I’ll just keep watching your reactions on repeat. Play on!

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We've seen some pretty epic mashups come through the viral Internet ether, but this is the first time we've seen one like this.

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of the group 2CELLOS put on their best powdered wigs and killed an arrangement of "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin and the iconic 5th Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven. The result is surprisingly beautiful, and you can see the entire performance in the video below.


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There are hundreds of websites, organizations, and informational resources on autism: What it's like, how to know if your loved one is autistic, and how to treat it. And while those resources are invaluable, sometimes it's even more beneficial to hear about autism from someone who actually has it — after all, who better to know what it's like to go through it?

In this video, a 13-year-old boy with autism explains what it feels like, and his experiences dealing with it every day. It's a poignant look into life with one of the world's most mysterious diseases, and what this little boy says will definitely make you think.

Next, experience autism through the eyes of a teenage girl.

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