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Animal testing has been documented since the Greeks wrote about it in the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE. Animal testing is used for a variety of purposes: discovering side effects and uses of medications, practicing medical experiments, testing cosmetics and vaccinations, among others. People who oppose to animal testing date back to the 1600s, including when physiologist Edmund O’Meara said of animal testing: “The miserable torture of vivisection places the body in an unnatural state.” In the 1860s, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded, and many people have been working tirelessly to end unnecessary testing and other cruelties to animals. If you don’t understand why people are so passionate about ending animal testing, these ten facts will get you up to speed.

It Happens More Than You Think

Over 100 million animals including rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs are subjected to painful and cruel chemical and cosmetic testing each year.

Animal Testing Isn’t Relevant to Human Products

92% of drugs that are passed in animal testing trials fail in human testing trials which means the results they get from animals aren’t associated with the results humans get.

Poor Odds

Less than 1 in 5 (19%) of harmful drug side effects that are seen in humans are found in animals tested with the same drug.

Cosmetic Testing is Especially Cruel

For a product as trivial as eye shadow, rabbits and other animals will have chemicals rubbed into their raw, shaved skin or dripped in their eyes to test their effects.

Pesticide is a Big Culprit

A single pesticide may require up to 50 tests before it is sold, and that means each pesticide may be tested on up to 12,000 animals.

Some Countries Are Moving in the Right Direction

Europe is home to the largest cosmetics market in the world, and in a powerful move, they have banned the sale of any products tested on animals as well as the actual testing itself.

Protection Laws Don’t Work

There are protection laws in place meant to prevent cruelty to animals, however 95% of the animals used for chemical and cosmetic testing are not protected by these laws due to their sneaky wording.

Animal Testing and Universities

49% of animal testing takes place at universities, not by individual scientific research centers. Many of these universities are faced with regular protestors working to end animal testing.

It Isn’t Always Required

Many countries, including the USA, are not required to complete animal testing on cosmetic products before they’re sold, but still choose to rather than utilizing other methods.

There are Alternatives to Animal Testing

Among other alternatives, artificial skin and corneas can be recreated using human cells to test products’ effects on them, negating the need to test cosmetic products on living creatures.

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Whether you like it or not, you come into contact with millions, no – billions, of germs every day. Most of these germs are harmless, but knowing the sheer quantity of germs that end up on your skin is simply horrifying. Some of the most unsuspecting surfaces in your home, your car, your office, and other areas you frequent are breeding grounds for germs. Of course, it’s important to do your best to keep your environment and yourself clean, there is only so much you can do and you’ll never be able to completely eradicate all germs and bacteria from your surroundings. Here are ten of the dirtiest things you touch every single day.


On a recent study of paper money, over 135,000 bacteria were found in a single sample on one dollar bill.


In a 2009 study of computer keyboards, most were found to have more bacteria than an average toilet. To make matters worse, several of them contained bacteria that was considered harmful to humans.

Mobile Phones

Cell phones tend to get quite warm which makes them a breeding ground for bacteria. Scientists in the UK found that cellphones often have in excess of tens of thousands of germs on a single phone.


Yup, the kind on your face. Hate to break it to you, but a 2015 study found that many beards have the same bacteria in them as feces. Wash those hands, people!

Light Switches

The average light switch packs about 217 bacteria per square inch. Get out your hand sanitizer!


It isn’t surprising that toilets are loaded with bacteria. The seat tends to have about 295 per square inch, while the typical bowl will have 3.2 million bacteria.

Shopping Carts

Recently, a study found that most supermarket shopping carts have more bacteria (saliva, feces, you name it!) than a public bathroom.


Because you put your whole body into the bathtub, their germs are much more dangerous than those on toilets. Deadly staph infections or even pneumonia can be spread through bacteria that collects in bathtubs.

Kitchen Sink

Surprisingly, the kitchen sink is probably the dirtiest place in your house. It is home to about 500,000 bacteria per square inch!

Fridge Handles

It only takes about 20 minutes for bacteria from raw meat to multiply. Many people handle raw meat directly from their refrigerator without cleaning their hands the next time they open the fridge door. Not surprisingly, fridge handles have found to be a breeding ground for raw meat bacteria.

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The general public is in love with Jennifer Lawrence these days and it’s not at all surprising! This witty, beautiful and energetic actress is something of a refreshment on a usually quite prude and boring Hollywood scene. She brings entertainment to award shows where she doesn’t mind tripping and falling when trying to go get her award. What you probably didn’t know about Lawrence is that she became a star with zero acting training! Here’s ten other unknown facts about JLaw that will blow your mind.

Candy Smuggler

The Oscar winner is known to love food so she smuggles food to award shows to keep her spirits up. Her favourite? Laffy Taffys

Above Average

Lawrence finished high school two years before her generation with a 3.9 GPA in order to pursue her acting career.

No That Turned Into Yes

She initially turned down the role of Katniss Everdeen, but then changed her mind. The movie triology Hunger Games brought incredible fame to Lawrence.


Jennifer was known as Nitro in high school because of her high energy levels.

Monk Mascot

One of Lawrence’s first roles was in the movie Monk where she played the lion mascot.


Before landing the role of Katniss in Hunger Games, Jennifer auditioned for three major roles as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Bella Swan in Twilight and Jules in Superbad.

Sports Star

Jennifer played field hockey as a teenager and was quite successful with her team.

John Stamos Fan

Lawrence is a huge fan of the TV sit com Full House. That’s why when she met John Stamos at a party she followed him around repeating “Uncle Jesse”.

Music Video Appearance

Before appearing in block busters, Lawrence was cast in several music videos in 2008.

Most Talkative

The iconic actress was voted “Most Talkative” in 7th grade.

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Everyone likes kissing for the most part, but we don’t know all that much about the act of kissing. All we know is it seems like something we like to do when we find someone attractive or if we’re feeling some very serious affection for them. There are a number of things you should know about this rather ancient practice and everything that is behind kissing someone we like. Have you ever wondered if french kissing was always considered the cool thing to do? Have you ever thought that maybe your girlfriend might like to kiss a little bit more than you do? You’ll get those answers here as you check out the list of 10 things you should know about kissing and let us know which ones you actually knew and which ones surprised you.

Women Like Kissing More Than Men

While some might claim that statement is biased, there have been a number of studies that show women enjoy kissing more than their male counterparts.

The Longest Kiss On Record Last For Two Days

Ekkachai Tiranat and Laksana Tiranat of Thailand kissed for over 58 hours and for their troubles they got a cash prize, two diamond rings and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Laws Against Kissing

In certain parts of the United States, there are still laws against certain kinds of kissing. One example is Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which doesn’t allow a woman to kiss her husband on Sunday.

Seattle Really Likes Kissing

One study showed that people who live in Seattlle kiss an average of 5.5 times per day. This is the most in the country.

Kissing Is Dirty

When people kiss, they are trading anywhere from 10 million and 1 billion bacteria. Next time you go in for a kiss, make sure you brushed recently.

Kissing Can Be Scary

Because there is a fear of almost everything, there is a few of kissing. This fear is called Phlemaphobia and is rooted in the fear of the germs that are passed when kissing.

Kissing Butts Is An Old Insult

The first time someone told another person to “kiss my ass” was back in 1702. It was another way to tell someone to go to hell.

Monkeys Kiss Too

Humans aren’t the only animals that kiss. Monkeys have been seen exhibiting “kiss like” behavior. Interestingly enough, they tend to do so after a fight. In other words, monkeys love to kiss and make up.

Kissing Sticks With You

One study asked 500 people about their favorite milestones and their first kiss was among the most that were remembered.

“French” Kissing Used To Be An Insult

Back in the 1920s, this form of kissing we call French Kissing used to be thought of as a negative, because it was a nod to a French culture Americans thought was oversexualized.

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This is not a comprehensive list of genetically engineered animals like super salmons or allergy-free cats. Here are possibly excellent examples of how far bio-science can go with genetic re-engineering and DNA technology. The basic unit to control different properties of organisms are thousands of genes in their DNA. It is possible to isolate each gene. Therefore, any biological property that exists in any living organism in any place on Earth can be brought into any other living organism even on another planet! This list contains 10 weird genetically modified organisms you never knew existed.

​Sudden-Death Mosquitoes

Sudden-Death mosquitoes are created for quick and sudden death purpose so that the dengue disease can be controlled in people. When the male mosquitoes mate with the female mosquitoes, they release the lethal genes that transfer to the females. This kills the females or the young ones carried by them.


Glofish is a genetically modified fluorescent zebrafish. They comes in many different fluorescent colors such as purple, blue, orange, green and red. Glofish can detect environmental pollution as it absorbs and re-emits light.

See-Through Frog

The see-through frog does not need dissection to see its eggs, blood vessels and organs. You can see how organs grow and how cancer spreads through the frog’s skin.

Landmine Detecting Plants

These plants can help detect landmines buried under the ground by changing their color from green to red. Detection of landmines will get easier in the future.


This genetically modified pig produces 65% less phosphorus in its waste.

Fuel Excreting Genetically Modified Bugs

These bugs were created by genetic modification. They consume agricultural waste, such as wheat straw and woodchips, and excrete petrol.

Vacanti Mouse

The Vacanti Mouse was created by Dr. Charles Vacanti at the University of Massachusetts back in 1995. The mouse had a human ear grown on its back.

Gold Seahorses

Gold Seahorses are genetically modified creatures from Vietnam. Researchers mixed jelly fish proteins with gold dusts and inserted into the eggs of the seahorse by a technique called gene shooting. With more trials and research, gene shooting can treat incurable diseases.

Jake The Alligator Man

Jake the Alligator Man is a half-alligator, half-man, on display in mummified condition at Marsh’s Free Museum in Washington. He was found in Florida swamp back in 1993. Some researchers say it is a missing link and some say it may be a distant ancestor of humans. According to some theories, it was an early genetically engineering project gone wild and wrong.

Dolly The Sheep

Dolly the Sheep was the first animal cloned from an adult cell, using the nuclear transfer process. The sheep was cloned by Keith Campbell and Sir Ian Wilmut at the Roslin Institute, Scotland. Dolly was born on 5th July 1996 and died from a lung disease five months before her 7th birthday.

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Is it not embarrassing and sometimes downright hilarious when your clothes match someone else’s in a party? For celebrities on the red carpet, this is no less than a nightmare. But every now and then, people have ended up finding their attires strangely camouflage with their environment. Better yet, sometimes others have noticed a wearer’s fashion sense become one with the surroundings. Here are 10 such awkward and funny moments where everyday clothes and accessories matched the wearer’s environment.

It’s a Sign

That long vacation was probably meant to happen when your clothes miraculously matched the corridor of the hotel you stayed at.

Mondrian Dress

If you want to stand out, avoid wearing artistic clothes. Art is everywhere.

Classroom Fashion 101

So who wore it better? The highlighter or the teacher?

Ground Level Fashion

Sometimes you can end up wearing the floor.

Royal Blend

For those who have not witnessed it, here’s Camouflage level Grandma

When You See It

This may be unbelievable to some, but there are in fact feet in this picture.


A few minions and this kid can go to the Hydrant Con.

Shoes that Blended with the Floor

When ‘the ground beneath her feet’ became one with her shoes.

Camouflage Level 1000

When the designers ran out of cloth, they probably just used some carpet.

Shopping made Easy

Sometimes your future furniture just calls out to you.

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Prince was many things to a lot of people. Singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, innovator, weird, and non-conformist, are just some of the words to describe the man born Prince Rogers Nelson. Born in Minneapolis on June 7, 1958, Prince broke musical records singing and writing songs about topics that were and continue to be relevant today.

A lot will be written about Prince in the next couple of months and for many years. Trying to define who he was and what he represented as a musician and a man. But it was during an interview in 1996 for “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that Prince was clear how he wanted to be known and recognized.

This video is a reminder that the best way to honour the late singer is to simply play, enjoy, and love his music.

Next, 30 fascinating facts about Prince that will make you love him more.


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Gray whales are great travellers. The large mammals make a 12,500 mile roundtrip journey from Alaska to Mexico every year. For this reason, it is not surprising the pods will have encounters with other marine life.

Marine biologist, Melissa Galieti of Monterey Bay Whale Watch posted a video of gray whales sharing the ocean waters with bottlenose dolphins. It is common to see the two species swim near each other. The bottlenose dolphins live in the central California region, specially the Monterey Bay year-round.

The abundance of food in this area also makes it a popular hangout. Monterey Bay area has one of the highest congregation of marine mammals in the world with up to 26 water mammals being observed at any given time.

Melissa Galieti

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We are all going to get old one day. Everyday things will be done differently to adjust to our bodies changing in posture, speed, and strength. Regardless of how healthy an elderly person is, things are not done with the same agility that came with youth. Roxanne Pallet is an actor who wanted to know what it was like to be a 90-year-old getting around in Manchester, England.

The 33-year-old went through hours of make-up and prosthetics to become “Doris.” This experiment is personal for Pallet who admits to having been raised by her grandmother. The Brit is also the ambassador for Age UK, a non-profit organization providing support to the elderly.

Pallet spent four hours going shopping, buying coffee, and simply walking down the street. Initially, she assumed the experience was going to fun and exciting, but she realized how ageism exists today. You will want to watch this video and hear what the actor has to say about the way seniors are treated.

BBC Radio 5 live

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Though they were previously believed to be closer relatives to raccoons, giant pandas are in fact big, burly bears.

When they’re born, the black-and-white babies weigh just a few ounces, but they grow up to be anywhere from 220 to 250 pounds. Here to prove that big is beautiful and adorable, we present you with some of the most precious pandas out there. Get ready to fall in love.

This big momma has some serious dance moves.

An apple a day keeps the panda vet away.


Didn’t your mom ever teach you table manners?

Nothing to see here…just a clumsy panda on a swing.

It’s settled…pandas on children’s playgrounds are the best.

“I steal your heart now?” Yes, yes you do.

This birthday party contains far too much cute to be legal.

SOMEone’s gonna need a bath later…

“I’ll show you all my balance beam tricks…just as soon as I get on it.”

“Bring it in, big guy!”

“What in the…what is this sorcery?!”

Milk mustache game: so strong.

“Faster, faster! Yeehaww!!”

I think we can all agree, few things are better in life than a snow day and sliding down a big hill.

If it’s possible, I just fell more in love with giant pandas.


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