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Life can be weirder than the movies. So many strange things can happen to people, often unexplained and just plain weird experiences. In fact, strange things happen to animals too. These unexplained occurrences and incidents make you think ‘WTF just happened here?’ From a cat stuck in a container van for a month to a dolphin committing suicide, we sometimes wonder ‘these things aren’t supposed to happen!’ Here are just 10 of the oddest animal incidents that made it to headline news.

Cigarette-Loving Sparrow Causes Fire Causing £250,000 In Damages

A sparrow who loves cigarettes is completely unheard of — but a sparrow is blamed for starting a fire causing £250,000 amount of damages to a shop in Lincolnshire.

No one knew the true cause of the fire, until insurance investigators confirmed that they had found 35 cigarette ends in the roof. The shop owner was a non-smoker.

A sparrow was believed to picked up the cigar butts to use it for her nest in the eaves, causing the blaze.

Sheep Stuck in Electricity Wire With Its Horn

A somewhat careless sheep became a real-life ‘Rambo’ after being stuck in an electricity wire with its horns. He was bleating for help more than 15 feet above ground.

No one knew how the sheep got there, but tourists had tried to mount a rescue attempt. With some ingenious rope work, German tourists managed to help the sheep back to the ground.

Cat Survives Being Trapped in Container for 35 Days By Licking on Walls

A black cat named Socks was trapped for more than a month in a 20-ft. storage container. Without food or water, he managed to survive after licking condensation on the walls. The cat was finally reunited with its owners after an electrician found the poor thing inside the container.

Although malnourished and desperately dehydrated, he is otherwise making a good recover from his amazing ordeal.

Chihuahua Flew Away With Strong Wind

Poor dog — in Waterford Towship, Michigan, a chihuahua named Tinkerbell was standing on a booth at a flea market when she flew away like a piece of paper after being dragged by 70mph strong winds.

In an interesting course of events, the owners consulted a pet psychic and they found their dirty and hungry dog alive, in a wooded area miles away.

Pig Swallows Woman’s Diamond Ring

A pig swallowed a woman’s £1,500 diamond ring. Anne Moon put her hand into the pig pen during the Maize Maze in North Yorkshire. When she pulled her hand away, the diamond was gone. As of writing, they still haven’t recovered the diamond.

Puppy Lives Miraculously After Swallowing a Toy Arrow

Dogs like to chew on anything. Unfortunately for Betty the bull-terrier, she swallowed a 10-inch toy arrow for curiosity, and ended up suffering so much. Miraculously, she survived after undergoing emergency surgery that removal the arrow that was lodged through her body, from her esophagus to her intestine. The dog is now recovering safely at home.

Missing Cat Found Safe and Alive Miles Away in a TV Show

A cat that disappeared from her home in Cornwall was discovered to be safe and well on a TV show in Question Time! Tango arrived in Newquay where BBC1 program was being filmed about political discussions with a panel of guests.

Tango was immediately recognized by her owner. The cat’s TV debut was definitely one of the most memorable events that happened in the show.

Orangutan Escapes Via Short-Circuiting Her Fence

A zoo in Australia was temporarily evacuated after an orangutan escaped from her cell via short-circuiting the electric fence with a stick and then piling up more sticks to help her climb out of the enclosure. After 30 minutes, she was spotted by a visitor. She was immediately returned to her enclosure, but the zoo reminded the public that she was not aggressive.

The zookeepers believe the 62-kg orangutan Karta was driven to escape due to grief after the death of her long-time mate.

Skunk Gets Head Stuck in Jar

Teresa Vick was in downtown Boxby when she saw a skunk with its head stuck in the peanut butter jar. The animal got hungry and decided to snack on peanut butter when his head got stuck in the jar. She finally found Ned Bruha, who used chloroform to sedate the skunk before pulling the jar off its head. The skunk was very appreciated to be free again, and ran off unharmed.

Dolphin Commits Suicide Due to Depression

Dolphin O’Barry, a dolphin trainer and best known for his role in Oscar-winning documentary film ‘The Cove’, shares that he witnessed Kathy, a dolphin in the 60s TV show ‘Flipper’, kill herself due to depression, or so he claims.

“”She was really depressed… You have to understand dolphins are not (involuntary) air breathers like us.” O’Barry said. “Every breath they take is a conscious effort. She swam into my arms and looked me right in the eye, took a breath and didn’t take another one. I let her go and she sank straight down on her belly to the bottom of the tank,” said O’Barry. The suicide turned him into a solid animal rights activist for life.

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The Lion King is an American animated musical film released by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1994. It is the 32nd animated film in the series of Walt Disney Animated Classics. The plot of The Lion King is loosely based upon William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The movie was directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers, and produced by Don Hahn. The original songs of The Lion King were penned by lyricist Tim Rice and composer Elton John. This list contains 10 things you didn’t know about the movie ‘The Lion King.’

King Of The Jungle

The film was initially titled ‘King of the Jungle.’ The production team changed the title when they realized that the lions do not reside in jungles.


Pocahontas and The Lion King were in production simultaneously. Disney thought that Pocahontas would be the more successful and prestigious of the two films.


Pumbaa was the first Disney character to exhibit flatulence.

Coming To America

Madge Sinclair (Sarabi) and James Earl Jones (Mufasa) played the queen and king in the movie ‘Coming to America.’

Wildebeest Stampede Scene

It took about 3 years to animate the wildebeest stampede scene.


Initially, Mufasa was not supposed to appear after his death.

Disney-MGM Studios

About 20 minutes of the movie were animated at the Disney-MGM Studios. Over 600 technicians, animators and artists contributed to the movie over its lengthy production schedule. Over 1 million drawings were created for the movie.


The claws of Scar are always displayed throughout the film.


Scar was not related to Mufasa in early drafts. However, the story writers thought making Scar and Mufasa related would be more fascinating.


The Lion King is the first Disney cartoon that was dubbed in Zulu.

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Millions of people do it every day, but if they knew some of the things you’ll find in this article there might be a lot more people who were staying away from that kind of thing entirely. Some of the things you’ll find here are terrifying and some of the things you’ll find are just plain weird. What we do know is that the things you’ll find on here weren’t things the average person knows. Take these facts to your next dinner party. Talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors and tell them everything you’ve learned here tonight. Then make sure they don’t get on a plane until they’ve studied this list. At least check out the 10 things you should know about flying on a plane and let us know what you think.

Faking Disabilites

Plenty of pilots and flight attendants have told tales of people faking needing a wheel chair in order to board a plane earlier. Federal law requires anyone asking for a wheel chair to be provided. When they’re getting off the plane, they no longer need them. The industry refers to this phenomenon as “miracle flights.”

Planes Don’t Have To Be In Perfect Shape To Fly

There is a long list of things that can be wrong with a plane and still have it take to the air. This is called the Minimum Equipment List.

Airplane Food

The pilot and co-pilot are served different meals and they aren’t allowed to share. This is to avoid the danger of both people getting food poisoning.

Earbuds Aren’t New

The earbuds given to you on a plane are not new, they are just cleaned up and repackaged. Bring your own next time.

Flying With Millions

The Federal Reserve transports cash in the cargo hold of consumer flights, meaning at any one time there could be millions of dollars underneath your feet.

Don’t Drink The Water

Don’t order non-bottled water or coffee on airplanes. The water tanks are not regularly cleaned out.

Airplane Bathroom Lock

There is a small latch just inside the bathroom sign that will allow people to open the door even if its locked from the inside. This is obviously to avoid people from locking themselves in the bathroom and causing havoc. Also for someone who might suffer a health issue while locked in the bathroom.

Aisle Seat Armrests

While it might seem as though aisle seat armrests are immovable, they can be raised. There is a divot underneath the armrest that must first be pressed. It’s likely the flight attendants will make you put it back though.

Dogs Hate Flying

Dogs usually get quite upset when they have to fly, but members of the industry claim if a dog’s name is on its kennel, it will be quite calmer during the flight.

Planes Aren’t On Radar Over The Ocean

When a plane is about 150 miles away from land and over the ocean, they are no longer on radar. This is how so many have been lost over the years. It also explains the Bermuda Triangle. Nothing supernatural about it, it’s simply far enough away from land.

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The animal world is filled with astonishing creatures we often take for granted. In our everyday lives we glamour new technologies that help us achieve enormous feats, but we rarely compare ourselves with the vast animal kingdom. We even tend to be amazed at the scientific advances in the mutation of animals, but we don’t even acknowledge what is already there. For example you’ve probably heard about the scientific achievement of making a mouse transparent, but did you even know that there are dozens of creatures around us, which already are? Well, to fill you in, and with the hope to further amaze and astonish you, here are 10 transparent animals you have to see to believe that actually exist!

The Transparent Amphipod

Also known as Phronima, the transparent amphipod is one of the many strange species that have been found just recently on a deep-sea expedition in the North Atlantic. In an attempt to disappear from predators, this little shrimp-like creature has turned its skin completely transparent.

The Transparent Icefish

It’s not surprising that most of the transparent animals are found in water, having in mind their need for camouflage. The so-called crocodile icefish has taken this task to a level, where even its blood is transparant, because of the lack of hemoglobin. In order for their metabolism to function properly, the fish dissolves oxygen in the liquid blood and is also believed to directly absorb it through its skin from the water.

The Transparent Zebrafish

If you are one for scientific achievements, you should definitely be familiar with the transparent zebrafish. Created in lab conditions in 2008, it allows researchers to directly see its inner organs and observe different processes, including tumor growth in the living organism, which helps them further their cancer cure research.

The Transparent Butterfly

Is there a more beautiful creature than the butterfly? With almost completely transparent wings, the transparent butterfly looks simply astonishing!

The Transparent Frog

Also known as the glass frog, the transparent frog is primarily lime green with the abdominal skin completely transparent on some members, leaving their digestive tract, heart and liver fully visible.

The Transparent Squid

Usually found on the oceans of the southern hemisphere, the Transparent Squid, also known as the Glass Squid, is unique in its own way. It has the ability to roll into a ball, much like a hedgehog would and its usual prey are many deep-sea fish.

Transparent Head

Probably one of the most bizarre of sea creatures, the transparent head fish, also known as the Barreleye, has extremely light-sensitive tubular eyes and completely transparent skin, but only on its head. While the two giant balls, which you can see in his head, may seem as part of the eye, they in fact are not. They are similar to the human nostrils, and are olfactory organs called nares. Weird, but cool, indeed!

The Transparent Jellyfish

How can we write a list about amazing transparent animals, without the mention of the transparent jellyfish? Found in every ocean, most jellyfishes are almost impossible to see due to their transparency.

Transparent Shrimp

Extremely small and cute in their own manner, the transparent larval shrimp can usually be found in the waters around Hawaii.


Although you might mistake this animal for a jellyfish, it is not. Known as the transparent slap, this animal feeds on small plants in the water, you might know as phytoplankton. Barrel-shaped, they are also transparent and can range from one to up to ten centimeters in length.

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This Sunday night phone calls, texts, and emails will not be answered. Fans will be too busy watching the return of Game of Thrones on April 24, 2016. Lovers of the Seven Kingdoms have been preparing for the series return with their own theories as to what will happen to the remaining Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryen.

To pay homage to the epic fantasy world, the Milan based animation studio Dadomani and the luxury notebook company Moleskine have re-created the show’s opening sequence using paper. The three-dimensional buildings mirror the original with turning cogs and gears as well as the replica of King’s Landing.

The video marks the release of four Games of Thrones notebooks by the Italian company with the cover artwork of Levente Szabò. This video adds to the anticipation of the show’s return, although it will not make Sunday night arrive quick enough.

Moleskine ® – The Official Channel

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Hula hoops have become that classic childhood toy we either love or hate. The conflicting feelings are usually based on whether the kid is really good at twirling the hoop above the hips or just cannot get one spin without the hula immediately falling to the floor.

The child that is really talented with the plastic tubing will often go out of his or her way to show off their skills. Aside from swaying with the hips, hula hoops can be twirled on the neck, arms, and even ankles. The multi-talented ones will dance with multiple hoops at once.

But for all those kids who claim to be masters of hula hooping, there is a new kid in town. Or in this case a grown-man. In this video, you will see this guy hula hoop with a 120-pound tractor tire. We are not sure how this mystery man discovered this hidden talent, but we are definitely impressed.

Live Leak

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Construction workers in St. Louis, Missouri have made an unlikely friend. Travis Barnes and Greg Combs have been hard at work as part of the campus renewal project for the Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The two ironworkers have become accustomed to children's friendly waves from their hospital window.

For two-and-half-year-old Vivian, the men waiving back at her is her link to the outside world and a carefree moment. The little girl is battling acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a cancer that attacks the body’s white blood cells. Despite the chemotherapy and living in isolation in the ninth floor of the building, Vivian spends a lot of time looking out her window waiting for her friends to wave back.

Except, one day Vivian and her mom Ginger Keith received more than just a wave from these tough looking men. Barnes and Combs may not be doctors but they are healers of the heart.


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It’s no secret that donuts are delicious treats, the fact they are fried and covered in either sugar, chocolate or sprinkles, makes it even more of a guilty pleasure. Although, not the healthiest dessert, there are ways we can compromise our love for donuts by simply eating smaller portions.

Korean YouTuber Mimine Mini has posted a tutorial on making donuts in miniature proportions. To prepare the itty bitty pastry, Mini uses everything tiny; utensils, stove, plate, and even small Krispy Kreme dessert box for her six donuts. And just like it was bought in a store this mini chef prepares three assortment of flavours.

It may seem these donuts are too adorable to eat, but they look delicious. We can’t really guarantee you will be completely full and satisfied, even if you eat all six.

Next, this is a delicious mini breakfast.

미미네 미니어쳐 (MIMINE),
인사이트 아트&컬쳐

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Since news of Prince's death shocked the world this week, tributes and outpourings of love have been circulating all around the Internet. However, none of them are quite as beautiful as this.

Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson recently made her Broadway debut as the sultry Shug Avery in The Color Purple. At the Thursday performance, Hudson and the rest of the cast paid homage to Prince in the best way they knew how: With a heartfelt, soaring edition of "Purple Rain." See the incredible performance below.

The Color Purple

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Alexey Romanov was born with a debilitating illness that left him without fingers or hands.

But that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dreams. In the most unlikely fashion, Romanov has become a successful pianist and serves as an inspiration to everyone suffering from a disability.

His adoptive parents noticed he had a fondness for music early on, so they bought him a synthesizer. He began to learn how to play it and then started entering (and even winning) competitions. After learning the basics of music from friends, Romanov has soared to new heights and even performed with the highly respected Russian orchestra, La Primavera chamber orchestra.


See his skills up-close here:


(via The Guardian)

Let Alexey Romanov be an inspiration not only to those with disabilities, but to all of us. Even when facing overwhelming adversity, you can overcome it and become hugely successful if you put your mind and heart to it.

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