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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I sincerely hope that you didn’t forget.

I’m sure you didn’t. After all, your mother is the light of your life and you wouldn’t be who you are today without her. In fact, you wouldn’t even be alive without her, so why not thank Mom for bringing you into this world with the perfect gift this Mother’s Day?

Need a push in the right direction? These should do the trick.

1. This foot spa set will keep your mom’s tired dogs from barking.

2. And this gift stuffs an entire spa day in one box.

3. Here are some personalized mugs to represent everyone in your family. You can leave your weird uncle out.

4. And you can get her a custom portrait to go along with those mugs.

5. A wifi-enabled coffee maker for when Monday morning gets the best of her will never go unappreciated.

6. This mug doubles as a cookie holder. Enough said.

7. Giving your mom a chocolate tea set will earn you some serious brownie points.

8. Write a book about why your mom is awesome! Start with, “Thanks for literally carrying me around for nine months and then figuratively doing the same thing every day thereafter.”

9. If your mom loves crocheting or knitting, this bowl is perfect.

10. Help her bring a little greenery inside with these cool planters.

11. Self-chilling wine glasses are where it’s at. After all, plenty of people who have to deal with children love wine.

12. She can let her phone chill in style on this stand.

13. This tea infuser travel mug will be a smash hit.

14. These solar lamps are gorgeous, and they’ll save Mom a few bucks on the electric bill, too.

15. A tea towel with recipes for anything but tea. I like it.

16. Keep the pampering going with some artisanal soap.

17. Why not get her a hanging herb garden packed with all the rosemary and thyme you could possibly need to make her a lavish dinner?

18. If Mom has a green thumb, get her the ultimate sidekick.

19. She’ll love this Bluetooth speaker to accompany her when she takes all those relaxing baths.

20. This bedside essentials pocket will ensure that she has everything she needs at an arm’s reach.

21. Salt is tequila’s best friend, so why not give your cool mom some Himalayan salt shot glasses?

(via Distractify)

See? Treating Mom with the perfect gift doesn’t have to be so hard. You might want to select one-day shipping, though.

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Bears are already cute, but what this one in Laos was doing takes the cake.

While a man was visiting the small Southeast Asian country of Laos, a trip to the local zoo turned into something incredible. When he showed up at the sun bear pen, he noticed one of the inhabitants was doing something a little odd…

Why, hello gentleman bear.

Although this is adorable, it could be a sign of past abuse.


It’s possible this bear was rescued from a bile farm.

A bile farm is a facility that keeps bears captive in “crush cages” to harvest their bile, a digestive fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It’s used in Chinese medicine, but life on such a farm is terrible for any creature.

There’s no information on the background of this bear, but hopefully his bipedal walking is just a quirk and not a sign of a lifetime of abuse. At least he can get out and enjoy the sun now!

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Kids grow up way too fast.

And Nichole Nordeman knows just that. Her song “Slow Down” reminds us that we should appreciate the good things and people in our lives before it’s too late. We might not even notice when things pass us by…

Mothers, fathers, and children alike will need to get tissues for this one.


(via For Every Mom)

This Mother’s Day, take time to remember your mother, show appreciation to other mothers, and just appreciate those you love in your life.

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They might not look it, but lions are really just big kittens at heart. Don’t believe us?

Well, these females at the Oregon Zoo are about to show you.

While they generally spend their days lazing around (sound familiar?), being fed at the same time, and never fearing for their safety, these beautiful lions still crave a little wild adventure now and then. In an effort to keep them alert and agile, workers at the zoo came up with a fun toy that plays on their feline instincts.


The fact that lions weigh in at over 250 pounds and can leap that far into the air proves Mother Nature wasn’t messing around when she created these amazing predators.

I guess they’re a little different from kittens after all…

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The tales of animals kept in captivity in the circus are numerous and horrifying.

Trainers often use whips, muzzles, and bullhooks to coax them into the right pose, and when they’re not performing, they’re kept in cramped cages without access to the outdoors. It is insanely inhumane.

That’s why organizations like Animal Defenders International (ADI) are so important. They take a stand against this kind of cruel and unusual punishment. While we’ve written about their great work before, they’re always up to something wonderful.

Recently, they rescued 33 lions from the circus. In the biggest airlift of its kind, they flew them back to Africa to live on a sanctuary, where they can humanely live out their lives.

ADI has been working tirelessly in order to rescue abused animals and recently saved 33 lions from circuses in Peru and Colombia.

Their main goal for this rescue mission was to get the lions back to Africa, where they belong. They’ll live out their days at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary.

One of the big cats, Joseph, is an old, half-blind lion who endured immense amounts of torture during his time as a circus performer. But now he can rest easy knowing that’s behind him.

The rest of the lions have been getting along and the rescuers at ADI hope that they will bond and become more acclimated to their new surroundings at the sanctuary.

The work has been intense and having 33 new lions on the premises has proved to be a bit overwhelming, but thanks to the workers from ADI, these lions can live a happy, healthy life finally.

The investigation into the deplorable conditions these lions were living in went on for over two years. Thank goodness they don’t need to live in those nightmarish conditions anymore.


The next few months, the lions will live in bonding camps in order to get acclimated to the change of scenery, then they will be released into large, natural brush habitats that will be guarded by the sanctuary.

If you are interested in helping the cause via donation, or even becoming a rescue worker, you can find more information here. These lions won’t soon forget all the wonderful work ADI has done for them!

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The reasons why mothers might want to relinquish their babies to a Safe Haven are numerous.

The mother may come from a low-income family unable to support her newborn, she could be the victim of sexual assault, she might fear for the baby’s livelihood because she is in an abusive relationship. The list could go on, but thanks to Safe Haven laws, mothers are able to give up their newborns to emergency personnel within 30 days of giving birth.

Recently, though, two Safe Haven locations in Indiana got a great upgrade.

Because of it, the firemen of Woodburn, Indiana, may start seeing a lot more action around their firehouse.

A Safe Haven Baby Box drop off has been installed at the local volunteer department.

The concept of Safe Haven locations has been around since 1999. A mother can drop off an unwanted, unharmed newborn at a local police station, fire department, or hospital.

Now, the Baby Box allows moms to do this with total anonymity.

Since the laws passed, it’s estimated that more than 3,000 babies have been saved. Hopefully, because of these new drop boxes, even more will find new homes.

The Indiana Safe Haven Baby Box is the first of its kind in the country, allowing mothers to drop off newborns they cannot care for into a chute where local emergency services are moments away to take care of it.

The baby can be quickly taken care of as the boxes are equipped with alarms. Emergency personnel are alerted to the fact that a baby has just been left.

All 50 states have Safe Haven laws. Newborns can be dropped off at police stations, fire departments, or hospitals, but the Baby Box allows the mothers to do this anonymously.

Many mothers feel intimidated and even shameful when dropping off their baby. The boxes aim to remove the perceived stigma and get the baby to a place where it can be helped.

While this box is the first of its kind in the U.S., they are quite common around the world.

However, some critics of the box say that it will make it too easy to give away a child without much thought behind the act, and it can deprive the mothers of much-needed medical care.

When you consider that many children are still abandoned in unsafe locations, these boxes are clearly needed.


(via WSLS)

Baby boxes are expected to begin popping up around the country. No matter where you stand on the issue, it’s important to remember that while it’s sad these children are being left without parents, they’re getting the help they need to survive. Hopefully, this means they’ll get the chance to ultimately find loving adoptive parents!

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Every year, car crashes result in 37,000 deaths and 2.3 million injuries in the United States alone.

And seeing footage of these wrecks is always jarring. Every night when we turn on the news, we’re confronted with the life-ruining reality of how quickly a simple car ride can turn into a complete tragedy.

Fortunately, there are plenty of everyday heroes out there who help those in need when disaster strikes on the road. This motorcyclist, for example, was on the highway when came across a chilling scene. A car was flipped upside down on the highway, and the driver was trapped inside. That’s when he sprung into action.


He didn’t even hesitate! Even though the open road is a dangerous place, it’s always nice to know that there are Good Samaritans out there who will stop at nothing to help.

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Some people – especially guys – tend to believe they know everything there is to know about the orgasm all from firsthand experience. Well, those guys – and the occasional female – are completely wrong and in for a wonderful surprise. There is actually a lot more to know about the orgasms, from both males and females. For example, 30 percent of women have trouble even making it to an orgasm. This can generally be helped with some medication and therapy, though. Here are ten odd things you should know about orgasms.


As an individual grows older, orgasms tend to get far better in both frequency and their quality. That means young people have something to look forward to.

Curing Headaches

According to carefully done research and science, achieving an orgasms through masturbation or sex is a great cure for a headache.

Heroine-Like Effects

Within just men, both heroin and an orgasm tends to stimulate the very same area of the brain. You could be on both, who knows!

Feeling Similar

In both men and women, an orgasm actually feels about the same. This is because both the clitoris and the penis stem from the same type of tissue within a growing embryo.


In obese or overweight men who have a BMI larger than 30, sperm production is hindered to 2ml or less of ejaculation. The normal amount is 3.4ml.


Not every single orgasm you experience will be considered “earth-shattering.” In fact, some orgasms are generally pretty sweet and gentle, and some are just not that great.

Spicing Things Up

In women, spicing things up while in the bedroom with a partner is said to have drastic effects when it comes to attaining more frequent and powerful orgasms.


Those women who feel insecure while in a relationship are actually less like to attain an orgasm through any type of stimulation.

Spinal Cord

Men and women who suffer from spinal cord injuries are still capable of reaching an orgasm when the hypersensitive skin surrounding their previous injury is stimulated.

Condom Quality

There has long been a debate regarding using a condom or not. Well, research has revealed that using a condom does not affect the quality of an orgasm.

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Facebook has long since been a place where people from all over the world can connect, share, and laugh. It is also a wonderful site for sharing ideas and thoughts that would provide some insight into the minds and lives of others. Unfortunately for some, this is also a place where you can be seen at your very dumbest point, with absolutely nobody but yourself to filter your thoughts – thanks Jayden Smith! Fortunately for the rest of us, it is these people that lack filters that provide us the entertainment for today. This is a list of 10 Hilarious Facebook posts from less than intelligent people.

Gay Marriage

Seems like this hypocrite didn’t have as much of a Christian upbringing as she seems to be making out.

Password Hacks

Out of the three schmucks who decided to show their passwords, it’s hard to pick the funniest one.


Australia? Like where Hitler was born? With the kangaroos?

Jokes On You

Quite a funny joke followed by an even funnier relationship status. Seems like someone can’t take a joke.

Titanic The Movie

Who on Earth would talk smack about those gentle Canadian souls; especially talking completely false smack? Shame on them.

Our Lord And Savior

Oh, wrong Jesus. The mental imagery of Jesus punching a janitor is hilarious though.

Star Pupil

This ditz believes that the sun is not a star. Then proceeds to make accusations that tomatoes are not fruits, when in fact, they are. Poor kid is going to have a rough life with an I.Q. that low.


$20 for food poisoning? Not a worthwhile bet. At least everyone knows why this idiot decided to do it; probably the lack of an education. Apparently salmonella comes from salmon, and not chicken.

Save Button

Quite a legitimate comment for a someone born after Y2K. It sure would have been nice to have 3D printers back then to create our floppy discs.

That Spelling

Reading this person’s spelling is enough to make my head hurt. Unfortunately for their PC, their intelligence is also low enough to make their CD drive hurt.

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Cats are among the most famous pets all over the world. They are extremely intelligent animals that have been linked with humans for more than 9,500 years. Cats are carnivores and very skilled hunters – these creatures are known to hunt more than 1,000 different animal species. These animals sleep for almost 70% of their life, and they can see six times better than humans at night. This list contains some more weird and amazing facts about cats you probably don’t know.


The Indiana State Prison lets prisoners to adopt cats and keep them in their cell. Cats are meant to improve the prisoner’s mood.

Mail Delivery

Belgium unsuccessfully tried to use these animals to deliver mail back in 1879.


Cats will headbutt people that they trust or that make them feel safe.


A cat named Stubbs has been mayor of the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska, for 15 years.


These animals sleep for 70% of their lifetime. By contrast, humans just sleep for 30% of their lifetime.


Senior cats meow more because they have dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Heart Attack

Owning a cat can decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke by 33%!


Cats make over 100 different sounds, while dogs make about 10 different sounds.


Since senior cats do not produce lactase, the enzyme essential for lactose digestion, they should not be given milk.


Male cats are normally left-pawed, whereas female cats are normally right-pawed.

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