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Though we live in a very progressive time, some people still feel it’s necessary to hide who they are because of how they might be treated by others who don’t agree with their lifestyles.

Savannah, a 12-year-old girl from Utah, however, didn’t want to mask the part of herself she’s come to accept and love, so in June 2016, she came out to her parents as a lesbian — and they turned out to be very supportive. A few months later, she made the brave decision to tell fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I had a feeling like I should come out to the church,” Savannah said. “I came out to all of my family and I just wanted to do something more.” Though the church’s policies about gay individuals are well known — they welcome members with same-sex attractions but condemn them for acting on those feelings — Savannah still wanted to share how she feels with her congregation.

She spent a lot of time writing her speech, in which she wanted to convey that gays deserve more respect and acceptance in her church. Despite being warned by her parents that the reaction might not be positive, she stood up on the podium the day she planned to speak while family friends recorded.


How she delivered her eloquent speech spoke volumes about how mature and courageous she is. Unfortunately, before she could finish it, her microphone was cut off and she was told to sit down.


(via MommyPage and CNN)

Savannah was understandably upset, but her parents couldn’t be more proud of what she accomplished. “She has more courage than I’ve ever seen in anybody,” her mom Heather said. “To be able to share something so personal with everybody. That made my heart soar as a parent.” Share if you think nobody should ever be silenced about who they are inside.

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When we think about scientists, it’s likely that many of us initially picture a person working in a clean lab and looking at a sample through a microscope.

However, that mental image doesn’t even scratch the surface of what many of these people do on a daily basis, especially when it comes to working out in the field. Biologists, archaeologists, and other people of science often put themselves in less-than-ideal conditions for research, like examining rotting corpses or wading through bogs. That’s what sparked a discussion on Twitter prompting people to describe the worst thing they’ve ever smelled on the job — and the answers were seriously nasty.

These 15 scientists must really love what they do, because they deal with some pretty disgusting smells in their lines of work. Let’s just say that vomiting isn’t very uncommon for them.

1. Rotting turtle soup, basically.

2. I doubt she ever got that smell completely out.

3. Sounds delightful.

4. What a crappy job.

5. The heat has to make it a million times worse.

6. NOPE. No thanks!

7. If handling a whale carcass isn’t bad enough, let’s just let it marinate for a few weeks first.

8. I imagine that’s become his permanent smell.

9. And here we have the makings of the perfect storm of nastiness.

10. I’m so glad I wasn’t on the train that day.

11. It might be time to get into the shower and never come out.

12. But out of all the awful stenches, many agreed that dead turtles are the absolute worst.

13. It seems that the smell of their carcasses could weaken anyone’s stomach…

14. …and leave a seriously bad impression.

15. It apparently even has the power to destroy souls.

(via IFL Science)

I really have to commend all these people for constantly doing their work despite their noses being assaulted with unspeakable odors. Share if you wouldn’t want to be in their stinky shoes!

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I’ve seen plenty of people take their dogs inside pet stores, but pups shopping by themselves? Not so much.

For the people who frequent the Agro Pet store in Paraí, Brazil, however, it’s a normal, everyday sight. That’s because one of its customers is a cute dog named Pituco, who loves doing all of his shopping on his own. “Everybody knows Pituco,” the shop’s vet told The Dodo. “His food is on the top shelf, so we have to hand it to him. He barks until we do.”

Pituco’s parents have a deal worked out with the shop so that their little guy can come grab treats or food whenever he wants. Agro Pet just puts his purchases on a tab for his owners to pay later, and he’s allowed to walk right out and go home. He sometimes even picks up special orders like cat food or birdseed for the other pets in his house!

Watch as Pituco leaves the store with his prized bag of treats in tow. He couldn’t look more proud of himself.

(via BoredPanda)

He’s hands down the cutest store customer I’ve ever seen. Share this independent pup if you agree that he’s a good (and super smart) boy.

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Though Father’s Day has come and gone this year, the love dads have for their babies never ends.

From seeing their little ones take their first breaths to watching them grow up and create families of their own, great dads are there for nearly every step of their children’s journeys through life — so what better way to celebrate them than go back to the moments they became parents?

Get those tissues ready, because it’s impossible not to tear up when you see these 19 touching photos of dads overcome with emotion in the delivery room.

1. “That tattoo on his chest was done after their first miscarriage, and now his daughter lies her sweet head against it. Both of them a reminder of triumph.”

2. The raw emotion captured here is beautiful.

3. That look of awe is something only your newborn can inspire.

4. “I adore this image of my sweet husband. In the midst of pushing I told him (strongly) ‘Do not move!’ His head was the perfect resting spot for my foot. Throughout my entire pregnancy and birth he told me: I know you can do this. You’re going to be absolutely amazing. He’s been my rock again and again.”

5. The incredible moment a dad holds his second newborn twin for the first time.

6. “A normal part of life and an honor to catch your own baby. Nothing else like it!”

7. I can’t imagine how it must feel to witness the birth of your child, but I’m sure this dad’s face is a good indication.

8. “Just before a gestational surrogate gave birth to their son in Kingston, Ontario, a midwife screamed ‘shirts off’ so new dads Frank Nelson and BJ Barone would be ready to hold their baby against their bare chests for skin-to-skin bonding.”

9. “A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.”

10. What a proud papa.

11. Pure joy.

12. Looks like Mom’s more worried than Dad!

13. His huge smile says it all.

14. You can just tell he was born to be a dad.

15. This is one of the sweetest moments between a father and daughter that I’ve ever seen.

16. When you find out you have another daughter.

17. Then two became three.

18. His expression from meeting his child is so touching.

19. “Welcome to the world, little one.”

(via BoredPanda)

It’s really hard to pick my favorite out of this bunch because they’re all so beautiful in their own unique ways. Share with all the dads in your life to thank them for the being the amazing fathers they are!

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One of the best parts about summer is going to a swimming pool or even a water park to keep cool and enjoy ourselves.

Unfortunately, we often don’t consider that some people aren’t able to go to these fun places because of their physical or mental disabilities. Water parks aren’t very accessible at all for them, but one new venue is changing all of that for those who live in San Antonio, Texas.

Morgan’s Inspiration Island, an extension of Morgan’s Wonderland, just opened as the world’s first fully accessible water park designed for people with a wide range of disabilities, and it’s pretty amazing.

With help and input from parents, teachers, doctors, therapists, and caregivers, Gordon Hartman founded the park and named it after his daughter, who has both cognitive and physical difficulties.

“Our goal is to provide a great guest experience in an inclusive, safe, comfortable, not overly crowded environment,” he said.

Children with special needs get in for free, and they’re also given traceable bracelets so their parents can keep track of them.

And not only is the park totally wheelchair accessible, but it also provides waterproof wheelchairs for families to use at no cost!

The water temperatures can even be adjusted for those with sensitivities to cold.

“Morgan’s Inspiration Island promises to give individuals with physical or cognitive special needs a place where they can splash and play without barriers,” Gordon said. “[It] is not a special-needs park; it’s a park of inclusion.” Inclusive indeed!

(via BoredPanda)

Kudos to everyone who worked to create this awesome place and give everyone a chance to have a ton of fun. Share if you think parks like these should be more widespread!

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Parents of children with disabilities know the pain that comes with getting dirty looks when their children are loud in public.

The fact is that many children on the autism spectrum or with other special needs may not have the ability to control their volume while trying to express themselves. This can manifest through fits, but it can also be a sign of happiness.

Shawna Lynn’s daughter has autism and an intellectual disability, and she loves to swim. She also makes loud noises when she’s very happy and flaps her arms. Unfortunately, one awful woman decided to yell at the girl, cutting short their swimming trip entirely.

The family was visiting Range Pond State Park in Poland, Maine, when the woman pictured below allegedly screamed “shut the fuck up” at the eight-year-old girl.

Mom stuck up for her daughter, filming the woman who then denied cursing at the child but did admit to telling her to “shut up.”

At one point, the woman snarkily says, “I’m sorry you’re upset about your special needs kid.”


Shawna Lynn posted the entire incident on Facebook, connecting to thousands of others who have experienced similarly cruel people interacting with their kids. Here’s her full post.

So my experience at Range Pond today in Poland will be my last one there. I’m only sad because it’s Natalie’s favorite place to swim since we started going last summer. As all of my friends know Natalie (my 8 year old kiddo) has Autism as well as intellectual disability. We when she is EXTREMELY HAPPY she makes very loud happy sounds and flaps her hands excitedly. It’s actually pretty normal for kids on the spectrum.

So Nat, her father and the new rugrat head over to Range Pond in Poland and Nat wastes no time and jumps in the water and starts in with her loud happy noises and she’s going on for 10 min. This lady is in the water with Nat and she looks at my daughter and screams “shut the fuck up” so loud it echoed across the pond and literally every parent in the vicinity heard it and looked right at her.

Of course I’m super angry and confront her on video. The first part I thought was recording but I only got a couple pics of her. When I went to the pond ranger on duty after I confronted her she actually came over and said “I’m sorry you’re upset about your special needs kid.” Right in front of the Pond ranger! At this point I had enough! I felt like my there was no reason for my 8 yr old daughter to be accosted by this grown woman whether she has special needs or not.

We grabbed our stuff and headed for the car when this woman pulled out her phone and made nasty comments about our parenting because our daughter was too loud at a public beach. The pond ranger spoke to her several times about what she was saying to my child and to us, and he told her she was being completely inappropriate. We were there less than 45 min. I wasted money for my child to be screamed at by a miserable grown woman.

I hope everyone shares this or at least reads this. And I hope this lady realizes one day you can’t just go around telling other people’s kids to “shut the fuck up” when they are happy at the beach. Just so you know I will always stick up for my child. I will put you on blast if you disrespect my little girl.

No matter what a child is doing, no adult should be yelling obscenities at them. This is heartbreaking and representative of what so many special needs kids have to go through every day. Share this with your friends and family to raise awareness.

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When parents split up, the one person they should be able to count on to take care of their kids is the other parent.

Even though those relationships can be strained, we tend to think the other parent has the kids’ best interests at heart. While that’s the case most of the time, it’s still important to be vigilant because you may not know what’s happening behind closed doors.

One mother recently left her two-month-old baby girl in the care of her father for a month, and when she returned, her baby was covered in red marks and bruises.

Shawn Michael Foltz was charged with neglect of a child, malicious punishment of a child, and two counts of third-degree assault after the baby girl was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

He admitted to snapping a towel in her face, spraying her with burning water, throwing fireworks in her face, and rubbing hot sauce and cayenne pepper in her eyes. The cruelty is unimaginable.

According to his interview with police, Foltz admitted that he would often try to think of ways to harm the baby girl while he was at work.

(via Mommypage)

I can’t imagine what that poor baby has gone through for more than half her life so far. I hope she recovers quickly and that this monster is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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One huge part of parenting is learning how to have difficult conversations with kids.

Everyone wants their children to grow up knowing how to treat everyone with kindness and respect, but in a society that doesn’t value differences, it can be hard to set an example. For instance, it’s drilled into our heads from a very young age that “fat” is a bad word, and a bad thing to be. It’s one of the earliest insults children learn to throw at each other, and it can really affect kids’ self esteem as they get older.

One mom was shocked to hear that her daughter was using the word “fat” in a negative way, so she decided to respond. The way she did it should be an inspiration to all of us.

Allison Kimmey is a self help speaker and mother who loves plus size fashion and swimwear. She has a little girl and a little boy, and they spend a lot of time at the ocean and the pool.

When she told her kids they had to get out of the pool, Kimmey overheard her daughter calling her fat in a derogatory way. Instead of getting upset, she pulled her daughter aside and imparted some wisdom.

In addition to explaining that no one is just fat, she gave an explanation of what fat does for our bodies and that even lean and fit people have some fat.

Her entire response is well worth the read for parents who are concerned about the way their kids might talk about others.

My daughter called me fat today.
She was upset I made them get out of the pool and she told her brother that mama is fat.
I told her to meet me upstairs so we could chat.
Me: “what did you say about me?”
Her: “I said you were fat, mama, im sorry”
Me: “let’s talk about it. The truth is, I am not fat. No one IS fat. It’s not something you can BE. But I do HAVE fat. We ALL have fat. It protects our muscles and our bones and keeps our bodies going by providing us energy. Do you have fat?”
Her: “yes! I have some here on my tummy”
Me: “that’s right! So do I and so does your brother!”
Her brother: “I don’t have any fat, I’m the skinniest, I just have muscles”
Me: “actually everyone, every single person in the world has fat. But each of us has different amounts.”
Her brother: ” oh right! I have some to protect my big muscles! But you have more than me”
Me: “Yes, that’s true. Some people have a lot, and others don’t have very much. But that doesn’t mean that one person is better than the other, do you both understand?
Both: “yes, mama”
Me: “so can you repeat what I said”
Them: “yes! I shouldn’t say someone is fat because you can’t be just fat, but everyone HAS fat and it’s okay to have different fat”
Me: “exactly right!”
Them: “can we go back to the pool now?”
Me: no 🤣🤣
Each moment these topics come up i have to choose how I’m going to handle them. Fat is not a bad word in our house. If I shame my children for saying it then I am proving that it is an insulting word and I continue the stigma that being fat is unworthy, gross, comical and undesirable.
Since we don’t call people fat as an insult in my household, I have to assume she internalized this idea from somewhere or someone else. Our children are fed ideas from every angle, you have to understand that that WILL happen: at a friends house whose parents have different values, watching a tv show or movie, overhearing someone at school- ideas about body image are already filtering through their minds. It is our job to continue to be the loudest, most accepting, positive and CONSISTENT voice they hear. So that it can rise above the rest.

By choosing not to use the word “fat” as an insult in their home, this mom is helping her kids become more compassionate. Way to go, Mom!

(via BoredPanda)

What do you think about her explanation? Let us know what you think and how you deal with difficult conversations with your kids in the comments below. Be sure to share her story with other parents, too!

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We all say we want to make the world a better place, and sometimes we do.

There are some people, however, who dedicate their whole lives to that task. Willie Ortiz, who is 76 years old, has fed stray cats for the last 24 years, and his dedication to the task of keeping these animals alive has long gone unnoticed. Now, people are recognizing his huge heart and the way he gives back to the community, so they’re trying to help him reach his goals.

Willie is originally from Puerto Rico, but he’s lived in Hartford, Connecticut, for a long time. For just as long, he’s been caring for stray cats around the city.

He began taking the cats to the vet to get them spayed and neutered, which helps control the population.

He also feeds them by buying all the food himself and he also tries to find a home for each cat in need.

He is retired and doesn’t have a lot of money, so he spends his time collecting scrap metal in order to earn revenue to care for them.

A friend, Kathleen Schlentz, saw that he was struggling to pay for these good deeds, so she decided to help him by creating a GoFundMe for cat expenses. It’s far surpassed its goal, but they are taking more donations to ensure the kitties are taken care of for the foreseeable future.

“He’s really a humble man,” Schlentz added. “He doesn’t ever toot his own horn. Some people will say, ‘Why do you spend your money on cats?’ And he’ll say, ‘Because they’re cats.'”

(via The Dodo)

What a wonderful man. He really loves his furry friends, and I’m sure they appreciate him so much! Share this all with the animal lovers you know! If you want to help him out and donate, you can do so here.

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When I think about a fun day from my childhood, I think about curling up with a good book.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not really the outdoorsy type. Then again, I never had to be. Life in other parts of the United States and around the world puts adults and children in places where interacting with the natural world is essential, and even part of everyday fun. It just so happens that the farther you get away from cities and suburbs, the more likely you are to find yourself face to face with some pretty gnarly creatures.

These two boys live in Cambodia, where they decided to go fishing in the muddy water one day.

Soon after getting in, however, they realized they weren’t alone. Instead of getting totally freaked out like most of us would, they kept cool heads.

One of them decided to reach into the water and get a better look at whatever was passing by.

I don’t know how they didn’t freak out!


These boys are no strangers to snakes, though. Check out another video where they confront an equally scary serpent.


What do you think? Are these boys brave or are they just asking for trouble? Let us know in the comments below and share this with your friends and family to totally freak them out!

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