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They say elephants never forget.

Whether or not that’s an exaggeration, it is true that elephants are highly intelligent and social animals. They’ve been known to protect the injured in their herds and mourn the loss of family members. Every so often, we see evidence of this kind of empathy in elephants, and it can be heartbreaking to watch. Heidi Haas was out scouting a location for a safari when she came across a tragedy she’ll never forget.

Haas began filming a herd of elephants who were surrounding a baby that had been hit by a speeding car. They tried to help it get up and to the side of the road. The baby’s back and leg were broken.

Rangers were called to help, but Haas said that there was nothing they could do. “The elephant family didn’t want them being anywhere near the herd,” Ms. Haas said. “There was little other they could do than put this young elephant out of its misery.”

“It was emotionally draining to watch and I never want to have to experience such a moment again,” she continued.

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Social media sites’ live streaming functions continue to prove that some people will record just about anything for the sake of getting even the tiniest bit of attention. They sometimes even press on in their streams when it means risking the health and safety of their loved ones.

Eighteen-year-old Obdulia Sanchez was behind the wheel of her car with her 14-year-old sister and her sister’s friend as passengers when the teen decided to stream her drive on Instagram. In the blink of an eye, the video cuts to darkness while the girls can be heard screaming. As the camera refocuses, the deadly scene unfolds as Sanchez narrates the entire ordeal. Sanchez rolled the car into a barbed-wire fence. Her sister was ejected.

Horrifyingly, Sanchez watches on as her sister lies there dying in the middle of a field. The teen continues to film the gristly scene rather than stopping to call emergency services. At one point Sanchez can be heard saying, “I f—king killed my sister, OK? I know I’m going to jail for life. I understand that. I don’t f—king care, though. I’m sorry, baby. I’m gonna hold it down.”

The footage below is deeply unsettling.

It is believed that Sanchez was under the influence during the incident. You can watch the heartbreaking video below.


(Via New York Post)

This is just another example of how social media has desensitized young people. I truly am still in disbelief over what she’s done and I hope she’s punished accordingly. Our thoughts go to the family as they endure this horrific loss.

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I feel so guilty when I leave my pup home alone to fend for himself.

But until technology caught up, we had no way of knowing what really happened when we left. Now, almost anyone can see what goes on at home while we’re away at work or out with friends for a night. Just set up a camera or strap a GoPro to your dog and see what happens. You might come across something hilarious, but for those of us who really love our pups, it might just break your heart.

This German shepherd just paces around until his owner returns.


Youtube / Keith Knittel

This fluffy pooch does a lot of sitting and waiting at the door.


Youtube / Patrick Barnes

Dog experts warn that actually we’re probably projecting feelings of sadness or loneliness onto animals when we see them waiting for us and that they’re just fine. But if your dog is doing this…


Youtube / Anthony Serino

… they might actually be bored and in need of something to do. If they’re chewing, howling, have regular accidents, or pace often, there are things you can do to help.


Youtube / Gohan the Husky

Whether it’s through crate training, special toys, or treatment for separation anxiety, there’s plenty concerned dog owners can do help their pets out. Check out a full list from Rover.


Youtube / Rumble Viral

What do you think? Have you ever spied on what your pets are doing when you’re gone? Let us know in the comments and give your pup an extra hug today!

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When you travel to a new place, there are always risks involved.

In certain countries and cities in the world, there’s a huge problem with pickpockets taking advantage of tourists and travelers. It shouldn’t scare anyone or prevent them from visiting, but it is a reality. There are ways to protect yourself and your belongings so you’re at a lower risk of theft. A sleight of hand artist named Adam Keisner recently revealed in a video all the ways pickpockets try to get at your stuff to help people stop this crime in its tracks.

I had no idea about some of these! This is so important to see.

I know I’ll be on the lookout for these tricks if I ever get to travel to some of my bucket list locations around the world.

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Marijuana is still a touchy subject, even as more and more states are legalizing its use.

Proponents of marijuana argue that its medical uses are sometimes the only relief patients can get from pain and that making it illegal prevents them from living their lives. Recreational users say that pot is less dangerous than other freely available substances like alcohol and cigarettes. The truth is, we have very little scientific information about marijuana because its class as an illegal substance makes it hard for researchers to study. What all of these people, users and doctors alike, have in common is that they all agree that marijuana should be kept away from children.

Recently, a father filmed a Facebook video passing a joint to his toddler son. People were rightfully outraged.

Again, marijuana is difficult to study, and there are some small children who require marijuana oil to stop seizures and other deadly medical issues. This is not a case like that, and no doctor would ever recommend giving a child any substance to smoke.

In fact, in the few studies done about marijuana and children, their developing brains were more associated with memory problems and learning issues, even when in utero or only experiencing secondhand smoke.

This irresponsible father deleted the video and his entire Facebook account, and he’ll likely be facing legal action if the people in his area were able to get evidence to the police before it was shut down.

This is heartbreaking. I hope this child is placed in a situation where he isn’t exposed to dangerous substances and that he’s happy and healthy.

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Getting a job, or even an interview, can be difficult for anyone.

For people who once spent some time in prison, the stigma against them means that it’s even harder to find gainful employment. Aaron Tucker says he was so excited about his job interview at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que that he woke up at 5 a.m. in anticipation. He got on the bus to head to the restaurant, where he hoped to become a busboy, but something along the way changed his life forever.

A car flipped on the road in front of the bus. Tucker immediately jumped up to help, but the bus driver seemed unconcerned and said he would leave Tucker there if he got out. He left immediately, and the car began to smoke.

Tucker took off the fancy interview shirt he had borrowed to help stop the bleeding from the driver’s head wound, and along with others, helped get the driver to safety.

Tucker says that missing the interview didn’t even cross his mind. “It didn’t go through my head, because a job can come and go, but a life is only one time. The only thing running through my head is that person in the car could pass away and I could help him,” he said.

He also says he’s not a hero and that helping someone else is what anyone would do in that situation. Others disagree and have set up a GoFundMe campaign in his honor. He plans to use that money to begin a college fund for his baby.

Learn more about this Good Samaritan in the video below.


(via Mommypage)

Thank goodness he was there to help! We need more people like him in the world who think of others before themselves.

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Chances are that if you’re still mourning the death of Harambe, you were probably pretty broken up about the death of Cecil the lion.

Cecil was a 13-year-old lion living on the Hwange National Park sanctuary in Zimbabwe when he was shot by American Dentist Dr. Walter J. Palmer. Palmer quickly became the subject of multiple debates and received a number of death threats. Innocent Cecil had wandered outside the boundaries of the sanctuary when he was killed. Two years after his death, his son has suffered the same fate.

Xanda, Cecil’s son, was killed by a hunter on July 7.

Cecil and Xanda were both research animals for Oxford University and were equipped with electronic collars to monitor their every move. That wasn’t enough to save the young lion’s life.

While it is uncertain who exactly shot Xanda, it is known that the hunt was led by Richard Cooke of RC Safaris.

And while Cooke was quick to return the lion’s collar and explain what happened, the hunt was unfortunately 100 percent legal.

Since Xanda was over the age of six and the kill happened outside the sanctuary limits, the hunter was not legally in the wrong.

Xanda is survived by his pride of three female lions and seven cubs, three of which are his own.

(Via New York Times)

With just over 30,000 African lions left in existence, the species is growing closer to extinction each and every day. When will people learn that hunting these animals for sport isn’t doing the world any favors?

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Parents all want their kids to be prepared for how tough life is.

It’s one of the hardest lessons to teach, because moms and dads generally want to protect their kids from the dangers of the world. Still, there are ways good parents can show their children that not everything is puppies and rainbows and still help them keep their innocence and hope in the world.

Joshua Salovich is not that kind of parent. In fact, the boxer-in-training brutally beat his daughter to show her that “she had to be tough,” and after suffering horrific abuse, she died.

Salovich was shockingly forthcoming with police about how he would “pop” his 3-year-old daughter Bailey any time she answered a math question incorrectly. He did this at least five times per week.

He used a bamboo rod, a cell phone cord, and his hands to hit the toddler. As a boxer-in-training, he told police all of the hits directed at his daughter were full force.

When Bailey arrived at the hospital, she had cuts and bruises all over her body and at least one head wound. She was airlifted to another hospital but passed away there.

The girl’s mother has not been arrested because she was not present when this incident occurred. She is still being investigated to by police to learn if she knew about the sustained abuse Salovich inflicted on the girl.

Salovich has been charged with capital murder, which means he may face the death penalty for his crimes, and he is currently being held without bail.

(via ABC 7 NY)

This is too horrific for words. What could possess someone to do something like this?

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Imagine driving down the street, minding your own business, when all of a sudden out of the corner of your eye you spot a bear riding a motorcycle.

It might sound crazy, but for these motorists, it’s just another day in Russia. While driving through the city of Syktyvkar, motorist Nicholas Pasynkov was caught off guard when he noticed two bikers driving down the road with a large brown bear riding in their sidecar. The bear appears to be living its best life as it waves to onlookers while speeding down the street.

This is unlike any biker gang I’ve ever seen before!


As it turns out, the bear is part of a traveling circus run by a motorcycle club. Check out the woodland creature as he prepares for his epic ride.


(Via Daily Mail)

How would you react if you saw a biker bear speeding alongside you on the highway? Let us know what you think, and be sure to share this hilarious video with others who could use a good laugh.

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I know I’m in the majority, but creepy crawly animals really freak me out.

Frogs, lizards, snakes, you name it. Eels are basically snakes of the water, so they count, too. Most people only ever interact with eels from behind the paned glass of an aquarium. In some countries, they’re also considered a delicacy, so you may also find one on your plate. Where you don’t expect to see an eel (or several thousand) is on the road, in your car, in Oregon.

Last week, a truck hauling 7,500 pounds of hagfish, also known as slime eels, was traveling to export the fish to South Korea, where they’re eaten. It didn’t go well.

When the truck came upon some road construction, it attempted to stop but couldn’t, sending one of the containers of hagfish “flying across the highway.”

The other containers spilled, and this caused a chain reaction. Four other vehicles were involved in the accident. Yikes!

Workers began using bulldozers and hoses to gather up the fish and get them off the road.

Hagfish are called slime eels due to the white slime they excrete while under stress. According to one witness, “It does not smell good.”

Hagfish have been known to escape from sharks by producing so much slime that it chokes them. Scientists describe the slime as a gel like “Spider-Man’s webbing” and have been looking for ways to create new materials out of it.

It took seven hours to clear the highway of all the hagfish before it reopened slime-free.

(via The New York Times)

Fun fact courtesy of The New York Times: Hagfish Day is the third Wednesday in October. Who knew? I can’t even begin to imagine what cleaning up a car involved in this accident would be like.

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