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One day I woke up with a strong feeling that it was time to set off into the unknown. I packed my stuff and together with Marta we headed to an unearthly land — Iceland. It turned out that we stayed there not one week, not even two, but exactly 18…months. We traversed lava fields, ate shark meat, fought hurricane winds, escaped volcano eruptions, and we’ve taken great delight in everything Icelandic. During all this time I’ve been registering all these vast open spaces, otherworldly landscapes, in-between moments, trying to capture the essence of Iceland.

In the faraway land | Westfjords

Northern Lights dancing above an abandoned farmhouse | Westfjords

We met this lovely arctic fox while hiking in the Westfjords.

Where silence echoes | Mjóifjörður

This vast open space | Mjóifjörður

Staring into the abyss | Dettifoss

In search of elves | Hólmanes

Rain patters lightly | Westfjords

On the way to Djupavik | Westfjords

What remains | Reykjanes

Absorbing emptiness | Westfjords

Let’s go for a walk | Krafla

Northern Lights never stop to fascinate | Stafafell

Entrance to the centre of the Earth | Krafla

Sometimes you just want to hide somewhere | East Fjords

Abandoned farmhouse | Westfjords

Pounding the rocks | Dynjandi

Winter is coming | Westfjords

Is there anybody out there? | Westfjords

It’s time to set off to the unknown | Berserkjahraun

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Consistently, I truly anticipate Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb’s makeovers. Every week, they pick clueless ladies from the gathering of people and amaze them with extraordinary makeovers. This week, Ambra Wilson, a mother of three, was pulled from the group to get the imperial treatment. Her wonderful makeover put her in tears and left her mom amazed.

On the demonstrate, the bustling mother concedes her day by day magnificence routine comprises of a little lotion and Chapstick, and she hasn’t hued her hair in more than four years.

Before she even went into to get her glitz new look, her own particular mother was in tears, spouting that her little girl “merits it.” The 33-year-old mother has three children: two-year-old twins and a four-year-old child.

When they at long last uncovered her astonishing new look, she was scarcely unmistakable! Her mother’s jaw hit the floor. At that point, when Wilson at long last got the chance to see herself in the mirror, she could scarcely contain her energy. It’s genuinely a wonderful change that you need to see to accept!


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Every year, approximately 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters across the United States.

Whether they’re left out in the cold or surrendered by humans who can’t take care of them, the fact remains that almost four million innocent dogs end up in shelters, and thousands more still need saving.

And these poor pups were of the latter variety. A four-legged mom and her puppy were living in a trash can when rescuers from Hope for Paws found them.

Most heartbreakingly of all, a few neighborhood kids had stolen all but one of her puppies by that point. For that reason, she clung to the remaining baby for dear life.


Now all these beautiful girls need to do is find a new home, and we hope that they can stay together. If not, Zoe can at least take comfort in the fact that her little Meadow will get a second chance at life.

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It’s safe to say that most “reality shows” are, in fact, out of touch with reality, right?

Well, maybe not. One day, crew members working on the reality show “River Monsters” were filming near a remote island off the coast of Australia. They were looking for one particular monster, as they tend to do, but found something bizarre instead.

While they were driving their boat around the island, a cameraman suddenly saw something in the distance. Fortunately for us, he kept filming as the situation unfolded.


Who could’ve guessed that a reality show would actually end up saving someone’s life? It doesn’t get realer than that, folks.

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Octopuses are magnificent creatures, and they have certain skills that cannot be imitated by any other life form on the planet.

And this octopus is about to showcase one of those abilities. Watch what happens when they place the critter inside of a tiny box.

This thing is the Harry Houdini of the animal kingdom!


Still not impressed? Then you might want to check this out.


Octopuses have brains that are roughly the size of walnuts, but they’re way smarter than you might think!

In fact, some scientists believe that if octopuses had longer life spans (they only live between 3 and 5 years), their intelligence would trump that of almost every other creature on Earth.

(via Distractify)

We should all just resign ourselves to the fact that octopuses are smarter and more talented than us. For humanity’s sake, let’s just hope that they don’t start living longer.

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